When you send a gift to the Glorious Church you are making an eternal difference in the lives of millions. We pray that you would give as you have been blessed and as God leads. It is with your generous support that we are able to reach into the community with the hand of change. Help us change a city and what the world thinks about church.

Your gift of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or more, allows us to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, not in lip service but in aid to a community in crisis.

In the interest of your security and the proper steward-ship of your tax deductible donations we offer you the ability to give via an email transfer from the institution of your choice. This is the safest and most cost effective way to give. You will be able to keep proper records of your giving via your own bank statement and never have to worry about sharing your private information on the world wide web. Go on your online banking site and choose “send money” email transfer


Please simply send your donations to: DONATIONS@GLORIOUSCHURCH.CA You will receive confirmation via email of our acceptance. The transfer will require our accounting staff to answer a question of which you provide the answer. PLEASE Call our office at 416 845-2181 to give our office the password to complete the transfer.

Prior to tax season of the calender year you will receive a tax receipt from our accounting department on your giving for the year. Please note that each transaction costs you 1.50 cents which we will add to your tax deductible amounts at year end.

Please click on the institution of your choice

God bless you and thank you for generosity and love.

How can you help ? Well we are glad you asked, we are looking for firms interested in sponsoring youth initiaves, teams and events. We in partnership with these companies would put together corporate leagues sponsoring a variety of sports and activities.
We are looking to put together:
Young golfer Association
Tennis Association
Martial Art Academy
Cricket club
Basketball league 10-17yr
Tackle Football league
All ages social club
Young Inventors club
Youth against addictions
Young Musicians Guild
Youth Aids/H.I.V coalition
Young film makers guild

The Glorious Church Faith Temple offers an opportunity for you to partner with us and advertise your company via our multimedia ministries.

  1. We wish to offer our sponsors an opportunity to display their logo, company name and website/contact in the credits of our ministry films as well as a link to our website. www.gloriouschurch.ca
  2. Our Facebook page at www.facebook.com is where we conduct much discussion amongst thousands of people about the ministry. The Glorious Church Faith Temple will link your ad to our page on Facebook and offer a direct link to your website.