The BreakThrough Youth Program is a school board resource available for schools and parents. We assist schools and parents with keeping youth enrolled in educational programming that facilitates the curriculum and speaks to the need of the youth. English, Math, French, Music and even sports programs are some of the things we offer the community. Call us and come experience our after school environment. We will pick up your child and watch him or her from 4pm to 8pm engaging them in structured educational programming.

Specialty areas

Our associates specialize in the treatment of: ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Bipolar disorder, Depression, Emotional trauma and others.

Support Workshops: Our youth workers specialize in redirecting the most volatile populations using our custom programs. We get results utilizing multimedia treatment based programs that change the landscape of learning, re-engaging the minds of students.

  • Read to Rap Students create videos to improve literacy.
  • Minorities in the Media Identifying and Demonstrating radicalized role models in society
  • Responsible gangsters Showing groups in society that behave as responsible organizations in comparison to gang culture. Re-educating the gang mindset to community mindsets.
  • The scent of a woman Developing gender appropriateness in male youth
  • The Mind of the Slave Using media to re-educate why you think the way you think
  • The Entrepreneur Developing the entrepreneurial ideas of youth
  • Learn to Play Using sports for literacy
  • The language of the immigrant Re-culturing new immigrants acclimatizing them socially to western expectations while respecting their cultural differences.
  • The power of speech, greatest weapon Using animation to create debate forums
  • Urban clothing jail clothes Students develop Media History of clothes to re-educate themselves
  • The woman, the video girl Study of Pop media for female gender appropriateness.
  • Co-op trade apprentice-ships Barbering, auto mechanic coop opportunities.

Our staff:

BreakThrough Youth Programs consists of Social workers, Masters and PhD designation, Child Youth Workers, Bachelor ate of Psychology, Behavioural Consultants, Counsellors, and for our Co-op programs skilled tradesmen.

About us:

We are a registered non-profit social service agency with a faith based 21 century approach to teaching learning, and counselling. Our board of directors consists of lawyers, teachers, pastors, tradesmen, C.Y.W’s, and business owners. We share the same goal, to reach an at risk, high needs generation with education, and social service support. Our sponsors and clients consist of independent faith based agencies, government organizations and private funding agencies. Our team utilizes web based tools and technology, inclusive of music and video. Our charismatic high energy approach gets the immediate attention of both staff and students.

Our philosophy:

To listen, access, treat, and educate to succeed. Whether we are in the classroom assisting the teachers ‘as educational assistants or leading a workshop or escorting to a co-op we utilize this formula of support counselling and treatment education.

Our service:

We offer over 15 years of qualified experience and custom service at a competitive rate, allow us to have a dialogue and discuss rates and give you a clearer picture of what we bring to the table as a service provider. Let us be your team a team you can count on