The Glorious Church puts much emphasis on the comfort and warmth that members and visitors feel when coming into the House of the Lord. Their mandate is to welcome you, serve you and forward any of your questions or concerns to the appropriate ministries.

Ushers Board

This ministry is imperative to the order of the church. Their goal is to keep order within the sanctuary and support the Pastor.

Deacon Board

These chosen women and men are to act as an advisory council to the Pastor and The Glorious Church

Worship Arts: Music, Dramatic Presentation, Vocal

Worship at The Glorious Church is an outward expression of an internal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not motivated by self glorification or even considered “performance” but a necessary component in order to minister to the church and perfect the praise, worship and understanding of Jesus Christ. Their mandate is to worship God in spirit and truth. There are no limitations placed on an individuals worship as long as it is governed by The Holy Spirit and they are called to lead the Glorious Church into worship.


The Glorious Church is a House of Prayer. This ministry is necessary to build this church, its members and to deliver people from sin, disease and affliction. The Glorious Church will stand in the gap and intercede for those who are in need of deliverance and a word from the Lord. These men and women are sanctified, dedicated and called to this ministry by the Holy Spirit.

Lay Treasury Ministry

This ministry ensures that all monetary funds that enter the church are accounted for and utilized for The Glorious Church to serve the church, various communities and the church vision. These individuals are gifted in organization, administration, and accounting.

Legal/Publications Ministry

This ministry is to ensure that we utilize the legal system to protect and educate The Glorious Church.


The Holy Spirit led messengers of the gospel. These individuals are called to effectively witness and testify to the lost with a mandate to win lives for Christ.

Street Ministry

This ministry is committed to going out into the urban communities and meeting and ministering to people in the street. This ministry is essentially bringing the church to the people.

Children’s Care

It is very important for parents to feel comfortable in utilizing the church in providing excellent care to children. We are committed to meeting the needs of your child with proper supervison, activites and sanitary conditions you can trust. Whether your children stay with us while you attend service or you choose to accompany your child we are ready and willing to accommodate you.

Youth Ministries

An exciting opportunity for young people to fellowship with other young leaders and help build their inner and outer circles. Organizing youth led services, organizing and hosting events, sports and arts, addressing youth concerns in the community etc…

Athletic Ministry (Application)

This ministry is here to encourage health, athleticism, competition, social interaction and of course fun. This will include competitive team sports, fitness classes, outdoor challenges and much more.

Ladies Ministries – REAL Talk

R.E.A.L Talk stands for Righteous Excellent Anointed Ladies Talk. This woman’s ministry is here to be a support for women worldwide. We meet at various locations, a comfortable setting where we can have very “real” candid and transparent discussion of issues concerning ourselves and draw upon God’s word for direction and truth. Everything discussed at these meeting are confidential are not under scrutiny. Our goal is to build, support and inspire woman to learn about who they were created to be and watch it manifest in their lives by the power of Jesus Christ.

Men’s Ministries- Man to Man

This ministry is developed to meet the needs of men in a society where the roles of men are changing quickly, thus creating confusion to who we really are. However God’s plan for men has never changed in fact God’ word clarifies what it is to be a Man. This ministry will mentor, support and build men while dispelling the myths and false expectations that seek to skew the role of men and bring them into their God centred position.

Homeless Outreach ministries

There are people living in extreme poverty for a number of reasons and this ministry is here to create opportunities and resources while giving prayer, time, empathy, understanding and comfort to those in crisis.

Prison Ministries

Jesus came to set the captive free and prisoners are no exception. Going to minister to those who have been cast away from society is a challenge it requires diligence, forgiveness and love. Those who are called to this ministry are committed to building relationships and spreading the hope we have in Jesus Christ and most of the gift of eternal salvation.

Benevolent Fund ministry

This ministry is to answer any special monetary need that we feel must be met within the church.

Building Operations Ministry

This ministry honours the physical building of The Glorious Church and its operation. The maintenance of the Lord’s House is truly a privilege and those in this ministry are committed to excellence in its operation

Books and Tapes Ministry

These individuals produce and edit the audio and written media and ensure that they are able to distribute the Pastor’s sermons and notes and make them accessible.

Pastors Office Ministry

These few individuals are chosen to be the Pastor’s armour bearer, secretary, and support. They will assist the Pastor in what is required.

Film and Media Ministry

This media arts ministry is gifted in the production and editing of written, audio and visual materials in order to reach as many people as possible with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ministers in Training Ministry

This ministry is to educate, teach and discuss God’s word in depth and be mentored/discipled and become an approved minister of the Gospel

New Convert Ministry

This ministry is to cater to the new converts as a support system as they embark on their new life and walk with Jesus Christ

ZMG Investors Group Inc.

A For profit management arm that is an affiliate of G.C.F.T:

Victory House Inc.

A non-profit group home a subsidiary of G.C.F.T Inc. This ministry serves at risk youth and young adults and helps to prepare them for a life of success.


The Glorious Church is a people oriented body that seeks to serve the community as a whole. Our mandate is to feed the sheep who are the mature in Christ and feed the lambs who are the babes in Christ and win the lost for Christ. We are therefore in the people business and must have a mindset to serve people in whatever state they present themselves.

Every individual who indicates by a confession of faith and the active belief in the person of Jesus Christ as Saviour and God Almighty come in the flesh according to 1 Tim 3:16close1 Timothy 3:16 16 Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of godliness: He was manifested in the flesh,
vindicated by the Spirit,
seen by angels,
proclaimed among the nations,
believed on in the world,
taken up in glory. (ESV)
close1 Timothy 3:16close1 Timothy 3:16 16 Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of godliness: He was manifested in the flesh,
vindicated by the Spirit,
seen by angels,
proclaimed among the nations,
believed on in the world,
taken up in glory. (ESV)
16 Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of godliness: He was manifested in the flesh,
vindicated by the Spirit,
seen by angels,
proclaimed among the nations,
believed on in the world,
taken up in glory. (ESV)
. Who submits to water baptism according to biblical direction and practice biblical Christian behaviour shall be considered a member of this assembly. Failure to attend this assembly does not disqualify you from membership. Failure to financially support this ministry does not disqualify you from membership it disqualify you from a true kingdom benefit. We are a world wide body and our members are in the outer most parts of this world.

Our membership is not based on a monetary accounting of your financial support. For the kingdom of God cannot be bought or sold, neither are the Kings sons charged tribute but are free inheritors of the promise of their Father. Therefore we admonish and encourage all to not be ashamed of or boast in your financial dexterity but come and eat of the bread of life and drink of the wine of the spirit purchased with no money, but with the blood of Jesus Christ.

The covenant of this church to its members.

The Glorious church does so covenant to:

  • Minister to your spiritual needs especially through preaching the word, and intercessory prayer.
  • Assist you with the opportunities of Christian fellowship and mentorship towards your call to serve God.
  • To serve you and your family in matters of religious instruction and application.
  • To baptize you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and life everlasting.
  • To stir up the gifts of God within you unto righteousness and the high calling of Christ by inspiring you to have life and life more abundantly.
  • To be a godly steward of your financial and personal investments in this church which is part of the Kingdom of God.
  • To bless your children and cover the fruit of the womb with prayer and authority of purpose.
  • To never stray from sound biblical doctrine or practices or be blown by winds of doctrine that are not the doctrines of Christ.
  • To appoint leaders and clergy that are righteous and holy men and women of God and to supervise and discipline them accordingly.
  • Be able to have a free and easy access to leadership and to the senior pastor for counsel and fellowship.
  • To act as a marriage officer to a man and woman who wish to enter into the holy union of biblical marriage and to counsel such individuals prior to and during their marriage covenant.
  • To marry no homosexual couples or support the ongoing lifestyle of homosexuality but to be a loving guide out of such a life style.

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