Un-masking the illuminati

Today as I was leaving the gym I was struck up a conversation with a young lady named Chantel in the gym who stated ” You look like Jayz”  Well immediately that was my opportunity to engage her in a deeper conversation. She was a very pretty young adult woman and she was paying for her gym membership as I was talking to the attendant. I said does that mean I have pink lips and no muscle tone! She replied Jayz is not that bad, I just dont like what he stands for. She briefed me on some of the content of a particular song that seemed to predict the recent mass murder of numerous people in an American movie theatre.  I was kind of intrigued and decided to launch into this topic of unvieling the secret societies of current day and of the past. Chantel attends a sabbath observing church in my area and as we parted I asked her to look me up on gloriouschurch.ca

So Chantel this series is dedicated to you, lets unmask the Illluminati. Stay tuned.

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